The nobleman spits blood.


God, I'm hot and tired
From pushin' this go-cart
Up and down these hills.
Thor Hyerdal's got nothin' on me!

Nancy: We woke up to find that we had actually been camping in a very scenic place. We were surrounded by red walls of the canyon that were apparently used by rock climbers. I heard a bird before Bob had woken up that sounded like some sort of monkey. For some reason, it made me think of my cat, Monkey. I miss my girls and my cat. I sometimes think that Monkey was a lover of mine in another life.

It was much cooler now. We munched on some of the provisions we bought at Whole Foods in Dallas; the same food we had for dinner when we were waiting for the van to cool down. We eased the van out of the canyon and began what was to be one of the most monotonous drives of my life. The drive was highlighted by Dodge City, Kansas.

This city was relatively touristy. There was a simulated stagecoach in the McDonald's where we had french fries and milkshakes. We really didn't want to spend the money or the time to see museums about a place that that was known to us mostly from Gunsmoke. I convinced Bob to take the route that was designated by the atlas as "scenic". Well, maybe it used to be scenic. We saw nothing but wheat and grass; and smelly feed yards. The towns came much farther apart now. What else can I say? Bob had some trouble with the crosswinds.

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