Penetrating from drink and food brings plumpness.
There is no flattery.

The Oshkosh Novena:
The Starling and the House Sparrow
"Droppings, blue and white, like stars below."

Bob: Chirrup - chirrup . . . chrirrup!

Nancy: I wasn't sure we were going. Everything seemed to be against it. I admit I have had my own reservations about the trip. Besides, we had no one to stay with Taffney and no money had been coming in. Taffney killed the refrigerator with a butcher knife while she was trying to defrost it and this new expense seemed to be the final blow to our efforts to go. Bob seemed very depressed about not being able to perform his friend's wedding ceremony in Dallas. But now, as fate would have it, we're going. Ken finally called and sent some child support. He got laid off and he is driving in so that we can leave early Wednesday morning. The wedding is Friday. Bob wants to continue on to Nebraska from Dallas. Bob is working on getting the van ready while I go to my dance class.

I am still afraid. I'm afraid of leaving Taffney and Jade with Ken so long. Also, Ken said that he might have to leave before we get back and take Jade with him! I'm afraid that we don't have enough money to live on during our trip and/or handle any crises that could happen to the van along the way. I still am not sure that we're going to fit comfortably in that van when we try to sleep in it. Also, I'm afraid that I'm going to disappoint Bob by not being this austere perfect Novena woman while we're in Nebraska. I'm from Detroit! I don't like to camp out, get eaten by bugs, and be in the sun.

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