Broad daylight now at nine o'clock;
Possibilities by way of a servant:
One who can hear.

Bob: VW Van = VW Van = Home . . . Chirrup!

Nancy: Bob worked so hard while I was gone. When I got home I could smell the Champa incense making our bed, carefully arranged in the van that moves, smell like the Krishna temple in Dallas. The deities were there by the bed. Our lamp was brought in from the other van, and he had even set up the TV! I was shocked! We had a bit of a false start this morning. Ken wouldn't get out of bed to take Jade to band. Ken got to our trailer earlier than we had expected, so we were able to leave as soon as we wanted to. But, when I called home to say one last good-bye to the kids from the Diamond Shamrock, Ken and Taffney were already fighting about Jade needing to go to band. Jade was willing to skip it, but she feels so bad when she has to miss band. We drove back home to take her. Ken couldn't believe we would do such a thing. He said that he would take her. He was probably embarrassed. I let him know, just as nicely as I could, how important band is to Jade. I am very proud of myself for controlling my temper. I also felt like I should get an award for being such a good mother.

We're on the road now with no further problems, so far. The heat from the engine, blowing though the heater pipes under our bed gives the sheets that freshly dried clothes smell. We have been resting or eating frequently, even when we didn't need to, for the sake of resting the old van's engine. The mechanic at Ernie/Bill's recommended that we do this. I'm beginning to feel pretty hot, but it's not as bad as I expected. The iced teas help. I've been drinking way too much iced tea.

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