Completion draws in its coils of dazzling brightness;
Completion flies, but there is no pursuit.
The Center and Completion alone survey the Great.

Dream - I was one of a group of high school kids passing various tests of bravery in order to be initiated into a secret society. My greatest act of bravery was standing up to a group of bullies at school. I ended up fighting with them and suffering some casualties by my resistance caused them to leave us alone for a while. I was initiated late at night in a tent. All of us got the giggles during this solemn occasion. Afterwards I heard something/someone outside and then saw reliefs of faces popping out on the sides of the tent. We lifted the tent and found our big brothers there trying to figure out what we were up to. We were embarrassed because they heard our giggling but weren't too annoyed with them for eaves-dropping.

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