Yin and Yang are exchanged,
Stumbling upon each other,
The door-leaf completed.

Brain-storming for installation work Present Time Dream Factory and Novena Project:


One is calamity;
Weeping silently,
The myriad things.

1. Sound installation with visual sky-light exhibits - initially designed by Bobbette Higgins, Francis Bagley, David Mirkal, and Bob Price - at and below ground level for landfills.


Without a partition in the Will,
One is two.

2. G.E.O. - (Geotechtonic Environments Overland) - Land reclamation project for drill-sites using seismic/geologic data as basis for design. Central idea - "Giving thanks for what we receive."
a) very temporary - sound installation using time of sound reflections from reservoir to surface recreated with digital delays, mics, speakers, producing the effect of being in a cave mirroring the contour below the surface.
b) less temporary - greenware slabs of different kinds of clay modeling strata the surface, fire for more permanence.
c) sculpture could be made to match local outcroppings, underground (non-visible rock), or mosaic of objects from employees or members of community benefiting from the installation.


Yin: greatly making rebellion,
Yang is not able to achieve.
This element is sinking,
It is unfathomable.

3. A most permanent work possible - as warning for underground storage of nuclear waste.

Slashing at falsity,
Destruction with a knife;
The yellow infant.

4. Hidden sculpture - for works not supported over long-term but seems necessary in the context of a performance ritual.


By means of the Center
There is luxuriant growth.

5. Ecological models in sterile environments.


Through the Knight,
Misdemeanors are pardoned.

6. Works collaborating with architecture to enhance human ecosystems.


Full is the granary, dense are the fields,
Food in abundance;
Left untended the foundation.

7. Works which interact with and enhance the natural organic environment.
a) underwater piece for building coral reefs.
b) piece to be eaten by birds or lived in by a variety of animals.


Sickness; consequence: medicine.
The wizard; consequence: potions.

8. Community created works pertaining to ecological psychology.


Hens cackling at early morning;
Meat, fish, and wood.

9. Artworks which serve geological structural purposes (i.e. ocean breakers, river dikes, small dams, etc.)


Days and months pass away;
The corpse decays and changes.
Changes in the corpse,
Yet it is not sent away.

Dream - My grandmother, Mama Price, was running a funeral home and would often hire me to dig graves. She would sometimes have me reopen them because she said someone had been stealing corpses. Every time I reopened one it would be empty. Some young men dressed in cowboy outfits who were attending a very isolated all-boys college would sometimes reopen graves just to be close to women. They sang songs from the musical Girl Crazy while they did this.

One day, Mama Price had me reopen her own grave. It was located in a bright and sunny room which opened up to an outdoor swimming pool. It had two twin beds in it. I had been sharing the room with my mother. The grave was under my bed and I began reopening it after my mother had left the room. My sister, Becky, saw me ding this and then tried to find my mother to get me to stop it. I was almost through and then I realized that what Mama Price might have wanted was for me to help her soul enter the underworld, so I lay in bed, closed my eyes and felt an intense vibration running through my body. The room was getting warm and there was a smell of vinegar throughout the whole house.

When the vibration had started to ease off, I opened my eyes and saw a woman, who I recognized as Rachel's gymnastics teacher, with her arms around Mama Price's body. But, Mama Price was alive. She was not a bit paralyzed, as she had been ever since I knew her, and she didn't even look very old. She had long braided hair, a white gown and looked beautiful. I thought that the woman might have been a witch and she had turned Mama Price's body into some kind of a zombie. I tried to show my mother what had happened to get her opinion and then I thought of getting Holy Water to sprinkle on her to see if a negative reaction would give her away. There was no negative reaction and when my mother saw her she took it very calmly and accepted her as Mama Price. Becky had a tough time with the whole situation.


To come out of the wild,
To see the wilderness,
To have the tiger tend the pig,
To hitch up the trousers because of floods.

10. An environment rescued from being destroyed by industry and transplanted to another area.

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