The pillars determine the roof of the building;
In such a way, the hub determines the wheel of the chariot.

The following is a piece I performed in New York at the Alternative Museum. Austin singer/composer, Tina Marsh, and myself were brought in by Pauline Oliveros and the Good Sound Foundation. I read the following as an introduction:

Mockingbirds in Dreamland

This piece is dedicated to mentors. Much of the joy that I find in my music has come through the many interactions I have had with great personalities, some of whom have honored me by wearing the guises of peers. Such are the ways of great personalities. It is a great honor for me to be here and perform for you, my mentors, especially for this one that brought me.

This piece utilizes the sounds that I learned from my first musical mentor, the Mockingbird. I am using him as a symbol for all mentors. The Mockingbird is Texas's state bird and is the bird song virtuoso of the South. I started imitating him while I was just three years old until I discovered that I have my own song. My song then intertwined with his (and others) in a spontaneous interaction. This type of interaction has become an integral part of all the music that I play, whatever style it may be. I have been playing with BL Lacerta for eleven years and every concert is totally improvised. My solo performances are never really ever solo performances because I welcome the active participation of the audience. I have trouble with this audience/performer separation. My two year old daughter, Rachel, has problems with this also. I invite you to:

1. Watch your thoughts go by like bubbles rising from the bottom of the sea.
2. Find a transitory dream space (or a dream that was not quite over.)
3. Listen to the Mockingbird and let him take you to new dream images.
4. Allow your breathing to become animated by the images.
5. You are the bird in the forest and have your own song to be utilized at your pleasure.

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