Hacking off part of the tumor:
Furs for one of a pair of horses.

As Kanati did not return, the boys at last concluded to go and find him. The Wild Boy took a gaming wheel and rolled it toward the darkening land. In a little while the wheel came rolling back, and the boys knew their father was not there. He rolled it to the south and to the north, and each time the wheel came back to him, and they knew their father was not there. Then he rolled it toward the Sun land, and it did not return. "Our father is there," said the Wild Boy, "let us go and find him." So the two brothers set off towards the east, and after traveling a long time they came upon Kanati walking along with a little dog by his side. "You bad boys," said their father, "have you come here?" "Yes," they answered, "we always accomplish what we start out to do - we are men." "This dog overtook me four days ago," then said Kanati, but the boys knew that the dog was the wheel which they had sent after him to find him. "Well," said Kanati, "as you have found me, we may as well travel together, but I shall take the lead."

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