Hacking lacking creativity:
Sated from the corners of the earth.

Soon they came to a swamp, and Kanati told them there was something dangerous there and they must keep away from it. He went on ahead, but as soon as he was out of sight the Wild Boy said to his brother, "Come and let us see what is in the swamp," They went in to gether, and in the middle of the swamp they found a large panther asleep. The Wild Boy got out an arrow and shot the panther in the side of the head. The panther turned his head and the other boy shot him on that side. He turned his head away again and the two brothers shot together - tust, tust, tust! But the panther was not hurt by the arrows and paid no attention to the boys. They came out of the swamp and soon overtook Kanati waiting for them. "Did you find it?" asked Kanati. "Yes," said the boys, "we found it, but it never hurt us. We are men." Kanati was surprised, but said nothing, and they went on again.

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