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Geotectonic Environments Overland

5,000 is requested from the _____ for the research and development of G.E.O. - Geotectonic Environments Overland. The idea has come out of the opportunity of having a great amount of geophysical data being made available through Earl Price and Associates.

One of the most interesting sites is the Arkoma Basin which is located at the foot of the Ouachita Mountains. One acre of this lush area is cleared so that equipment may be brought in for drilling. After drilling, all that is left is a pump (for oil) and a "Christmas tree" for natural gas or nothing at all if the well is dry. The cleared acre is left cleared with a dirt or gravel road leading to it.

The project, G.E.O. is intended to use the geophysical information, that was used for drilling the well, for designing and constructing an environmental piece where the well was drilled.

The following research will be required:

- Choosing an appropriate site based on its assessability to the public, interesting landscape and rock formations underground, etc.
- Determining how the geophysical information may be used to design an environmental piece (i.e. static sculpture marking faults, rises and slopes; using digital sound processing equipment to imitate the reflections of sound indicated by the seismic data so that one may hear the shapes that are underground, etc.).
- Designing the piece. This may be done in collaboration with other artists depending on the skills required.
- Acquiring the necessary approvals and permits to begin construction.
- Finding potential sponsor to fund the project.

G.E.O. could serve as a model that would demonstrate to oil producers the arts can work with industry to create an aesthetic environment that is also interesting scientifically. Information would be made available to the public concerning the age, depth, and location of the underground formations as well as the rational behind the environmental piece created overland.

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