Beauty lacking restraint --
In the bowels danger, danger;
No error in the edicts.

The following is a more recent proposal which may be said to be inspired by the White Buffalo and what I have read about the Ghost Dance Religion:

Present Time Dream Factory


Dear Ms. ________:

The following is Present Time Dream factory¹s proposal to _____________ Foundation:

Project Director and Executive Director: Robert H. Price
Title of Project: South Dakota Novena Project
Total Cost of Project: $125,000
Amount Requested from _________________: $7,500

The Present Time dream factory has been active since 1987 when it sponsored its first Novena Project in Dallas, TX under the umbrella called BL Lacerta. PTDF incorporated as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization in New Mexico on April 15, 1993. When gold was found in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the indigenous people of the area (who consider those mountains sacred) were driven away by force. Today many gold mines have ceased to become profitable and are in need of being ³rehabilitated.² The original people of the area should be involved in the process of reclaiming the mines and creating a space which causes an awareness of the sacredness of the Black Hills.

PTDF is requesting funds from the ___________ Foundation in order to help bring the necessary people and resources together to turn an old gold mine into a sacred work of art that would be meaningful both to Native People and others who are concerned for the environment. PTDF would coordinate the cleanup and restoration of the site with the input of Lakota leaders and artists, Homestake Mining Company, South Dakota Mining Association, the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, and the South Dakota Arts Council. Funds would be utilized from Homestake Mining Company, Superfund, foundations and private support.

Initial contact has been made with representatives of the Pine Ridge Reservation, The Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates, and the organizations mention above. The funds being requested from The ___________ Foundation would be used to further develop our coordinating efforts and provide ³seed money² for raising more funds for the project. We will begin organizing the project in earnest during this September and would try to break ground in another year.

Robert Price, who is an established artist belonging to the Tsalagiyi Nvdagi tribe out of Texas, will be directing this project. He has successfully coordinated four other ³Novenae² in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Nebraska. Each have been site-specific works which involved members of the respective local communities (see attached).

The success of this project will be determined in the following ways:

1. An installation is created which, in itself, will demonstrate the success of the various groups working together.
2. The new installation is visited and maintained by and for the local community.
3. The installation creates positive publicity for the Native Americans and the mining companies.
4. The project promotes tourism along with an awareness of the Native Perspective of the history of the site.

Many mines and wells are declared unprofitable and need rehabilitating. The South Dakota Novena project will serve as a model for future collaborations between artists, environmental engineers, mining companies, oil companies, and Native Americans for cleaning up the environment and reinvoking a sense of sanctity of the land.


Robert H. Price, Executive Director


Fording the stream;
Frost and snow;
Wound about the neck
A scarf halter.

The logo for Present Time Dream Factory is an ancient Japanese calligraphy symbol meaning "little bird" which,of course, alludes to the Birdman.

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