'Sinking' listens the Self;
It sees excellence
In shame and disgrace.

I wore a three-piece suit and put my hair into a pony-tail. I made an origami puppet out of paper which was mostly a big mouth with eyes. I cut off my pony-tail and gave a Bush-like speech which was as follows:

I want a kinder and gentler America!
I want peace through strength which can only be done by having a strong defense.
I want to be tough on drugs
tough on crime
criminalize abortion
criminalize most Americans so that, when we can't hold everyone in our prisons, we can lock up just the folks we don't like without the permission of that leftist court.
However, I don't believe in more government for taking care of
the sick
the poor
the distressed.
I believe in capital punishment.
I am merciful.
I believe in mercy killing.
We should only help those countries who support our interests.
Who cares if they don't serve their own people's interest?
We supported Marcos, Pinochet, Samosa and even Castro.
How can we let Russia help a poor starving country like Nicaragua?
I support the Contras.
I believe in mercy killing.
I support extremists only when they are killing Russians.
We're the good guys.
They're the bad guys.
And if anyone complains about us, they're bad guys too.
I believe in the free-enterprise system through which anyone can make it to the top that has enough avarice, greed, pride, wrath, etc.
See how well I have done?
We should thank those "thousand points of light" who have helped our poor, but please don't give them any money. Think of those poor defense contractors who would not know what to do with themselves if they didn't have money to make new weapons.
I would rather give a physics professor more money to buy a new Mercedes than to allow those leftist artists stay on the faculties of our universities. The money will eventually trickle down to them, though they wouldn't know what to do with it. They can mow my lawn or something.
Star Wars may not be real, but that fantasy will keep America working in the right direction. This is what it will take to maintain world dominance.
Those other countries are industrializing awfully quickly and the only way we can maintain our power is to hold a gun to their heads.
One false move and ...
Star Wars may not be able to protect Dallas, TX but it could intimidate the heck out of some folks and maybe protect some silos.
I want a kinder and gentler America!


Sinking in beauty;
Made deaf by the drum skins.

I duct-taped the pony-tail onto the puppet who started quote the Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde with Spencer Tracy saying "I'm free! I'm free!" The puppet was saying that it could be free to be an artist while this Republican in the three-piece suit would support him. I started arguing with the puppet suggesting that he try to bring in some money by performing children's puppet theatre or something. The puppet argued back that he wasn't that kind of puppet and that someone was going to have to do this "cutting edge kind of stuff." The audience laughed pretty hard about all this.

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