Courtesy sinks in inspection.
Eating bitter food is the augury.

Dream - Larry Roark and I visited a mental hospital very much like the Cedars Hospital where I had been doing workshops. We were probably giving workshops there but, one day, we happened to stay there longer than most of the staff. We were just visiting with each other and had gotten carried away. After a while we started exploring the hospital since we were almost alone. We happened upon a pit that was as deep as a well. We flashed a light down it and discovered a woman who was as skinny as a rope. She tried to warn us against releasing her because she was put down there for being so crazy. We coaxed her, through the low sounds of Larry's Euphonium, into grabbing the rope we lowered down to her. Her lips were very dry and stuck together leaving only a tiny opening for her to talk through. I gave her some water and that changed her appearance radically but she still seemed critically ill, so we rushed her to the emergency room. She never seemed all that crazy but she did have very little self-esteem. The water even made some attractive features in her face start coming through. She could almost walk. Her mouth began moving more freely.

Sometime later I was riding in a golf cart with the same woman and Sue Ellen Scheppke. We rode with BL Lacerta's instruments down a long corridor to a Fine Arts area of a school that was made of marble and walls made of classical sculpture. I thanked the two women for all their efforts in making this wonderful school/art center so beautiful. The woman who had been sick was very modest about it and thank me for helping her realize her potential. The DAAGNIM Theoretical Big Band was performing in one of the many theatres. I saw Stu and then let the women off the cart so that I could help get DAAGNIM set up.

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