Demons and the soul in doubt.

Tre brought Rachel back from a birthday party.
Yelping, screeching:
Rachel got hit by a swing throwing her a few feet.
The wooden spear in the bird;
I mowed the lawn and have been admiring last night's haircut.
An arrow shot into the fox;
A movie about Van Gogh is on.
Taking an eye and an ear;
The cat brought in a huge grasshopper, played with it until it stopped moving and then ate it.
Such is cruelty.

Combining Goals

1. Art and Public Relations

I have already gone into some detail concerning the combination of artistic goals with those of public relations and marketing. I would like to add, however, that arts groups get a large amount of free publicity through public service announcements and listings of activities around town. A business can turn some of that publicity to their advantage by attaching themselves to an arts group.

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