Yin completing: the mother's sister;
Yang completing: the deceased mother.
Its shape and form completed and united
It can be inspected.
Inside there is clarity;
No need for a light.

2. Art and Human Resources

Six skills have been cited as necessary for managers by Hickman and Silva in their book, Creating Excellence: Creative insight, sensitivity, vision, versatility, focus, and patience.1 These skills are traditionally attributed to artists, so, in other words, today's managers are required to be as creative as artists with the broadened goals of a businessman. These skills need to be practiced with the freedom to fail (or better yet, not to be judged at all) by programs encouraging the participation of employees creating art.

Art can be an effective morale builder for companies. Art therapists are employed in hospitals for the purpose of lifting the failing spirits of those undergoing some of the worst traumas. Companies should use the arts in- house in a variety of ways including company choirs, performances, group created sculpture, etc. Creative activities should have positive effects particularly on those working in research and development.

1 Hickman, Craig R. and Michael A. Silva; Creating Excellence; 1984.

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