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During this time of scarce arts money it has become increasingly important for arts groups seeking funding from corporations to integrate other non-artistic goals into their projects. This does not negate, but rather increases, the necessity for art for its own sake. It is just less likely to get it to get funded. Even art which is the least "fundable," such as very controversial art, is important to all of us (even those who hate it) because it increases the volume, communication, and validity of the intellectual community which then influences the rest through a "trickle-down" effect (where have we heard that one before?). The local artists of a community strengthen the economy of that community by helping it project the image of having a creative and live culture, thus attracting businesses to relocate in the area. Deep Ellum, the West End, the Arts District, etc. have helped keep Dallas at the top of the list of cities to relocate to.

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