The knight stores up virtue,
Keeping in the carriage his ears.

I believe that the only thing that gives one a right to anything spiritual is sincerity. Sincerity is more important than even blood. Blood is a symbol, just like the White Buffalo is a symbol. Those of us who were born with the symbol of blood may feel more inspired to sincerely learn about the Native American traditions though they should be open to all who are sincere. Those with the symbol of blood almost have a moral obligation to learn more about the beliefs and wishes of their ancestors. This obligation can even be understood in Christian terms by "honoring our mother and father." We should also honor the parents of our our parents, their parents and so on. Am I Native American? Yes, and I have a moral obligation to be so as well as Welsh, English, French, etc.


The granary is not full --
Robbed, not bare.

Much has been taken from the Native Americans. Much of their culture and traditions have been lost. The Cherokees rely heavily on the writings of Ethnologist, James Mooney, who wrote about them around the turn of the century. Even then, much had been lost. For too many years indigenous people's ideologies have been considered by the "dominate culture" as wrong and even evil. Now, when it's almost too late, we are all starving for this knowledge. However, not all is lost. A relatively few Native American Elders have been keeping their traditions and are slowly beginning to share them with the sincere.

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