Great fullness and ripeness are allotted to man;
New and fresh things are to come.

The ideas of Gebser seemed to confirm the Native American prophecies concerning the reintegration of the old ways. All people were indigenous people somewhere at some time. The Price name is Welsh. We Welsh were practicing our pagan rites when the Romans came and brought their "dominate culture" which became part of the Welsh culture which was again oppressed by the Anglo-Saxons. Some Welsh believe that Merlin has been in a tree and someday will be released to help free the Welsh people and create a new Camelot. We are moving into an era when we will be reintegrating our archaic, magical, mythical, and mental-rational ways of being into an integral perspective.


The greatest and most colorful;
Jade, and many-colored silks, arouse desires;
They beckon vagabonds and highwaymen.

Exploitation of the archaic, magical and mythical for monetary gain is nothing but exploitation by the mental-rational. The exploitation and oppression of the mental-rational is the same as "white man's" exploitation and oppression. It is the same Social Darwinism that has destroyed cultures and will destroy our environment if we do not grow out of it. All people are potentially artists who can help us all move into an integral consciousness.


The humble man has nothing to store;
His achievements are in progeny and posterity.

If nothing else happens from my writing this work than it is read by my own descendants I would be happy because the work would at the very least teach them more about themselves and from where they came.

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