The Ting is full of blood and foul water-weeds.

Lakota chief performs white buffalo ceremony

First published October 21, 1994

Copyright 1994 by Neal White and the Beloit Daily News By Neal White
City Editor

JANESVILLE - Honoring a vision from the past, they came from the Plains with a message of things to come.

The message, delivered by the Chief of the Lakota Sioux Nation, was presented Thursday afternoon at the Heider farm in Janesville - birthplace of the white buffalo.

"On this island called America, it was first forecast by Chief Crazy Horse that one day all men would gather under the sacred tree of life, with one understanding,'' said Chief Joseph Chasing Horse, of Pine Ridge, S.D.

Chasing Horse, accompanied by small group of family members and Lakota elders, gathered everyone in a circle to perform the religious ceremony, formally outlawed by the U.S. government.

Until the Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978, Chasing Horse said it was against the law to hold publicly gatherings such as this one in order to share his native heritage.

During the event, the Lakota chief shared several stories that have been passed on from one generation to the next. He spoke about the White Buffalo Calf Woman, who first brought the sacred pipe to the Lakota people. He told of the prophecies predicting severe hardships on Native Americans, and the prediction that one day his people would again rise to prominence. He also shared the prophecy that soon, all mankind will live in harmony with the earth.

The first sign of those predictions coming to pass, he said, was the birth of the white buffalo.

"We have been waiting for her return. It is the signal of the time for things to come,'' Chasing Horse said, adding the message mankind needs to heed now is to restore balance and harmony to the earth.

"Mother Earth is a living breathing being that provides all necessities for life,'' the Lakota chief said. He said mankind has systematically destroyed the earth and its ecosystems, which in turn, threaten humanity.

"We live in a time of war, famine and great suffering throughout the world. All because of vengeance, selfishness and greed,'' he said. "Because of these things, our children are suffering."

"We need to teach mankind about harmony, peace, love and understanding. One day soon all mankind will come together in one circle. We need to learn to tolerate one another's differences. We must take this sign and walk towards that spiritual unity,'' Chasing Horse said. "If we do not turn away from the evil ways, destruction will surely follow. That is the message we must heed in order to heal the earth.''

Grandmother Morningstar, one of the Lakota elders present during the ceremony, prayed for the young people in the world.

She also had a message for David and Valerie Heider, who own the white buffalo.

"Do not sell the white buffalo calf. You have been truly blessed with this honor. Do not anger the Great Spirit,'' she said.

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