Nine ancestors show goodness;
Posterity has confidence.


As Floyd Hand tells it, a beautiful lady in a rainbow -colored dress appeared to him in a vivid dream last May and said she soon would bring a message of peace and unity to mankind. Hand, whose Indian name is Looks for Buffalo and thousands of other people of various nations and races believe the dream became a reality with the birth of a female white buffalo on a modest farm in southern Wisconsin. According to Lakota Sioux legend, one summer long ago a beautiful young woman appeared among the Indians at a time when there was no game and people were starving.

The woman gave the people a sacred pipe, taught them how to use it to pray and told the Sioux about the value of the buffalo. Before she left them, the woman said she would return, the legend says.

As she walked away she turned into a young white buffalo.

Hand said the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman marks the arrival of a new era of reconciliation among races and respect for the Earth. (excerpts borrowed from an article in the Chicago Tribune by Richard Wronski)


Soon after Generous Wolf's story they decided to visit the White Buffalo Calf. In preparation they harvested loads of produce from the Peace Garden to give away at the Heiders farm. Generous Wolf gathered his medicine belongings, some sacred tobacco and blue corn grown on the farm; he also placed a wooden hoop around a poster of Sitting Bull.

Raven Dreamer came up for the trip, Generous Wolf's niece and daughter, Eagle Bear and River Coyote, boarded the Surfer and headed to the Heiders farm in Janesville.

The Heiders consist of Dave, Val and Corey who own a 45 acre farm with all kinds of animals, birds and fourteen or so Buffalo. The Heiders greeted us and welcomed the donation of food to the many people visiting from all over the world. They had decided to allow visitors only on Weekends from 12 to 5pm to help with security and to attempt a more normal environment for the calf and the Heider family.

As they waited along the fence for the buffalo to feed, we tied tobacco prayer ties for Miracle, for peace and many other things. We then tied them to the fence along with a Great Horned Owl wing. All over the fence were gifts from Native

People and other thankful people. A poem attached below a beautiful dreamcatcher read:

A Vision was seen many years ago
Prophesying the birth of a White Buffalo
Its coming would bring the Indian Race
a long sought period of Peace and Grace
We will bring her gifts of Tobacco and Sage
as the Vision at last has come of age
We must honor our culture and heritage
with pride for we now have the White Buffalo at our side.

As the Buffalo came into the feeding pasture we looked up and saw Miracle through an expertly woven dreamcatcher. The Buffalo rushed to their food except Miracle, who stood on a hill of hay observing the crowd. we were awestruck.

Later Generous Wolf sat down with Charlie LaFoe who had some interesting things to say. Charlie said his last name came from his grandfather who chose the name the enemy - La Foe when forced to take on an American name. Charlie's grandfather was Sitting Bull... He spoke often using We in place of I and mentioned this as important.

He also spoke more about the prophesies saying that the original medicine pipe given to the Sioux people by the white buffalo calf woman was now held by Orival Looking Horse and that a medicine bag was also given, which Charlie now held. It was said in the prophesies that when these two items came together a Peace Keeper for the World would be chosen by the white buffalo.

The Heiders have no intent on capitalizing on the white buffalo. They charge no admission, but will accept an offering to care for the famous baby. Donations can be sent to a trust fund @ Bank One, 100 W. Milwaukee, Janesville, WI 53545 in care of the White Buffalo Trust.


The white buffalo trip inspired a medicine name for the Rainbow Surfer -Miracle. Miracle wishes to serve good food, information and peace to the world.

The Rainbow Surfer visited a hemp festival in Iowa serving life food and information.

The Bus also delivered its wacky crew to Selmis farm in Sterling, Illinois to set up and hold a tipi ceremony.

With community and family support the Rainbow Surfer was sand blasted and painted white by Slaters in Sterling Illinois.

Currently, the bus resides at the Peace Garden in a hibernation state awaiting new adventures......



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