A mortar lacks a pestle;
Hands lift it up.

I attended a funeral service of a popular coach at the Santa Fe Indian School. He died of a sudden heart attack while was only in his fifties. The service was help on campus at the Paolo Soleri ampitheatre. A Catholic priest was there to give the service and communion, however, the last speeches were given by members of the coach's pueblo. The priest spoke of seeking forgiveness through the coach in heaven and the people from Santa Clara talked in their native language and then translated it talking about how Fran would be going to the other side to be with his ancestors and how we would be seeing him again. Both talked of going to a better world, however, for the priest it was conditional. We will not go to a better world without first seeking forgiveness, according to the priest. Both ideologies were represented and, I suppose, both were believed and needed by the community that came in honor of Fran.

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