Heaven's Yin is not rain;
The White Sun destroys it.

I have been exposed to so many beliefs concerning where we go when we die that, when my daughter has asked about it, I have said that we go where we want to go. The Hindus have integrated many different ideas on the subject into one believe system. One goes through as many lives as necessary until one is ready to either go to a higher spiritual planet, like the Christian Heaven, and be in constant personal association with a deity of one's choice or to merge with the unity of things which has been interpreted by the Buddhists as emptiness. Buddha is thought of as an avatar of Vishnu for the atheists by some Hindus.1


Taking tea together;
There is protection of speech;
By the black stove:
This Shou is not perilous.

The different parts of myself want to believe different things. The Lizard could handle anything but would probably prefer some kind of erotic pleasuredome. The Lion would prefer to live with Krishna. The Dog wants to be with Christ, the Virgin Mary, and everyone of my relatives and ancestors unconditionally. The Mockingbird wouldn't mind coming back to this world better and stronger. Only the Birdman can appreciate the value in returning to the void and/or Unmanifested Brahman.


Taking tea together;
There is protection:
Weighing things over,
Pondering over what is new.

All of these places are experienced by me in this life amidst the trials and tribulations of everyday life. While I am writing in this chapter and researching my ancestry, I am being with my ancestors. When I correspond with a distant cousin, I can feel the love in his/her letters that is being passed on to me from my ancestors. Each generation is bound by this love and growing numbers of my family are realizing that love for each other. As more and more family are discovered, more and more graves of our ancestors are being found and cared for. As I learn more about their history, my own trials do not seem so bad.

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