The appearance of deep water, running deep,

Diminishing from life's foundations.

Yin is not transforming,
Yang is not bestowing;
The myriad things all hum.

Humming is not the son,
The Elders, the husband and wife dwelling together.

Humming is in the blood;
Property is dry bones.

Humming is in the blood;
Burning away the Self's fattiness.

The appearance is not exchanged;
The mouth clamors, gabbling;
Humming lacks speech.

The appearance is not exchanged;
For mankind, the Way is trifling.

The Astrologer, Linda Griffin told me that I should spend time analyzing myself during my Saturn return because I won't have time to when it's over. Saturn went direct during the convergence and I've hardly had time to write.

A lot happened during these nine days that is difficult to put into words. Ric put it well when he said that it started as Art influenced by Shamanism, to Art as Shamanism, to Shamanism as Art, to just Shamanism. The core group was tiny composed of Ric, Eddie, and myself, however, countless numbers came out for the opening pipe ceremony and many came out to watch the sunset in silence. The crowd dropped drastically after that but there was a slow build to the weekend when over twenty people spent the night with us.

This was more than an art piece. It was the oracle of the Harmonic Convergence and a wishing well where the public could share their dreams and mix their magic. A pillar of light was created that extended to the highest Heavens. I feel a new purpose in life. Many religions were represented there including Buddhists, Mormons, Rastafarians, Christians, American Indians, Hindus, etc. The pipe ceremony lent a structure that allowed each to find its place and see itself as an integral part of the whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

The music began quietly and was delicately integrated with the sounds of nature. This picked up in energy as the drummers, who had been at Chaco Canyon, arrived. On the dawn of the last day, Trish did a beautiful and subtle dance.


Not central; nor supervised;
Corrupt, grubby officials, off to their miseries.

It is always difficult reintegrating back into the world after an experience like this.

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