Humming is in the body;
Yellow flesh destroyed.

Dream - Once upon a time, there was a very wealthy and influencial family in England who owned the finest restaurant in the land. The head of the household was a former officer of the Scotland Yard. He ruled his family and business with an iron rod.

They had a wild daughter who would often sneak off to do strange performance art pieces (to the disgrace of the family). Lord ______ locked her up in a lead room which also happened to be a very elegant bedroom. The restaurant had many secret passage ways which lead to the Scotland Yard and other places one may need to go in order to pull strings. The family often used them to perform activities that would remove any trace of recollections or records of the daughter's pieces.

One day, Lady ______ felt that something was terribly wrong. The whole family burst into the daughter's room, turned on the light and found her and her favorite ballerina doll suspended by cords attached to a mechanical manipulating machine. Both she and the doll flew-danced around the room without ever touching the ground. The daughter was naked and unconscious. The family thought was sure that she was dead as the limp body rolled around in space, but she wasn't.

The family had no problems covering up this event because the servants could be trusted. Besides, if word had gotten out, all of them would have been punished or killed. The daughter was quite please because the performance was accomplished exactly in the way she had intended.

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