Day 7 : August 22

Instructions: Play with a love that endures.

Astrological Associations: "In the seventh stage of a sequence a plateau of individual achievement is attained. Thus in the prophetic days this seventh day is when humanity realizes the height of what it can achieve by it own unaided efforts. At this point man must cast his fate with the gods. Further progress can only come, it seems, through divine intervention. Hence the number Seven is the number of Fate and Fruition.

"At sunrise on the Seventh day, the Moon is in the 12th House, in almost exact square to Pluto in the 3rd House. Pluto is at this time the only planet in a Water sign and there are none in Air. The result is that all the negative aspects of Pluto and Scorpio are activated. there are many dark energies from humanity's past failures and sins which now manifest and confront the pilgrim humanity just as it seemed to be about at the threshold of final victory."


Sun: A Mermaid Emerges from the Ocean Waves Ready to take Birth in Human Form.
Moon: A Communist Spreading Revolutionary Ideas.

T'ai Hsuan Ching:



Hiding, prejudiced, not repeating these words.
Clear skies; rain not sparing.



The heart diminishes,
The Self at the Center.
By its form in the body.
Diminishing the cerem

I Ching:

The Family: The perseverance of the woman furthers.
Wind comes forth from the fire:
The image of THE FAMILY.
Thus the superior man has substance in his words
And duration in his way of life.

Aspect Times:

Moon * Trine * Jupiter * 4:20 AM
Moon * Square * Pluto * 8:10 AM
Mars * Enters * Virgo * 2:52 PM
Moon * Trine * Saturn * 10:22 PM

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