Day 8 : August 23
Ascendancy of the Light

Instructions: (Core group plays alone without instructions)

Astrological Associations: "The eighth phase of a sequence reveals the law of cyclic evolution and rhythm which tends to revert back upon itself but at a slightly higher level. The symbols for the eighth phase are the spiral, the figure eight, and infinity. As infinity, eight is associated with the seeming unlimited power of the Sun.

"The Fire grand Trine is now blazing with unrestricted glory as the Moon has moved from its square to Pluto and is approaching a Trine with Jupiter. There are no difficult aspects in the chart to deal with and Jupiter is now elevated to a focal position in the grand trine."

T'ai Hsuan Ching:


Advantage in using light on the stairs.
Diminishing the artemesia.

I Ching:

In what is small, perseverance furthers.
Mountain under Heaven: the image of RETREAT.
Thus the superior man keeps the inferior man at a distance,
Not angrily, but with reserve.

Aspect Times:

Sun * CUNJUNCT * Venus * 1:26 AM
Venus * Trine * Jupiter * 3:25 AM
Sun * Trine * Jupiter * 3:59 AM
Venus * Enters * Virgo * 9:01 AM
Sun * Enters * Virgo * 11:11 AM
Moon * Trine * Uranus * 2:53 PM

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