Day 6 August 21
Harmony of Opposites

Instructions: Do not judge these moments based on prior accomplishments. Do not judge these moments at all. Do not strive for great heights nor feel gloomy from the loss of ecstasy. Continue playing while pacing yourself, remaining true to your own nature.

"It is only the holy man who understands how to press forward and how to draw back, who knows existence and annihilation as well, without loosing his true nature. The holy man alone can do this."


Astrological Associations: "In the Sixth phase of a sequence the inner creative power and the material form through which it manifests reach a state of dynamic balance. The Moon at this point is at the 12th House and Square to Jupiter, at the 9th. The 9th House is the place of higher consciousness and the Square to the Moon at the 12th is indicative of a conscious realization of the many possibilities that are available to pursue. A higher level of awareness is required to deal with the dynamic conditions of the sixth level. reasonably achievable goals must be established so that energy is not dissipated in the attempt to accomplish the impossible or wasted on too many diverse activities."


Sun/Venus: Many Little Birds on a Limb of a Big Tree.

T'ai Hsuan Ching:



Birds preferring their nests in public
Lack desires.



The Marten errs, treading cautiously.
The multitude of tailed creatures destroys jade.

I Ching:

Arrogant Dragon will have cause to repent.

Aspect Times:

Mercury * CONJUNCT * Mars * 6:02 AM
Mercury * Trine * Jupiter * 1:16 PM
Moon * Square * Jupiter * 4:25 PM
Mercury * Enters * Virgo * 4:37 PM

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