Day 5 : August 20
The Critical Mid-Point

Instructions: Play freely, remaining true to your own nature.

Astrological Associations: "Five is the middle number between 1, Beginning, and 9, Completion: thus it expresses a capacity for meditation and adaptation. The plans and commitments made on the third and fourth days must now be adapted to the immediate needs at hand.

"The morning on August 20, 1987, is precise mid-point of the prophetic nine-day period. It must be significant in some way, that at this exact moment, at sunrise at Teotihuacan, the rising Moon, in Cancer, comes into exact Conjunction with Sirius, which is located at the exact mid-point between the Pleiades at the zenith, and Mars in Conjunction with Regulus at the Ascendant.

"This is, indeed, a spectacular vision, and one which definitely gives stronger grounds for confidence in the validity of the prophecy."


Moon/Sirius: A Very Old Man Facing a Vast Dark Space to the Northeast.

T'ai Hsuan Ching:



Three kinds of creature; one flesh; all similarly tailed.



Birds prefer their nests to be in dense thickets;
Man lodges his fate in public.

I Ching:

Flying Dragon in the Heavens,
It furthers one to see the great man.

Aspect Times:

Sun * CONJUNCT * Mercury * 12:30 AM

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