Day 1 : August 16

Instructions: Just listen for 24 hours, dawn to dawn.

Astrological Associations: "Sunrise at Teotihuacan presents a spectacular vision of a seven planet Grand Trine in Fire signs. The Sun/Mercury/Venus/Mars rising together in Leo in Square to the Moon at the zenith. The Taurus (Earth) Moon can be envisioned as the embodiment of all humanity's past; all those experiences, habits and desires, both positive and negative, which form the 'personality' of the human race. The Square of the Moon to the Fire Grand trine precipitates the conflict between Spiritual energy/creativity (Fire) and entrenched materialism and instinctive behavior (Earth). The catabolic energies clear away obstructions to new growth. The Qincunx of Uranus/Moon reveals creative forces difficulty finding appropriate and adequate channels of expression."

Sun: A man Meditating with Complete Concentration While in a State of Neglect of Bodily Appearance and Cleanliness.
Mercury: Zuni Indians Perform a Ritual to the Sun. Intoxicated Chickens Dizzily Flap Their Wings Trying to Fly. Venus: A carrier Pigeon Fulfilling Its Mission. Mars: After a Heavy Storm, A Rainbow.

T'ai Hsuan Ching:



The Master has precedence,
No precedence for the guest of honor;
Eternity errs in life.

12:00 PM - Read about it in the papers! Ric is now putting up some beautiful sounding wind chimes and I have set out the information so that no one has to talk. John Wadley is picking up the area. Ric has had to do all of the talking when folks want information. I haven't looked quite as accessible. I'm sitting where the flies are, but the birds are here too. Only the ants are biting. The meditation is going well though not all too seriously. So far, after I stopped talking to reporters, I've been pretty hard core about it.



Great Eternity; therein good fortune;
Turning away from the empty audience chamber.

1:00 PM I had to break from the circle for awhile because someone wanted to talk to me. There are a few people "not into it" around. I feel like a pujari of a sacred shrine. Birds are picking flies out of the trees. which causes them to fly over me. The sacred shrines are the empty audience chambers. It's time for the park's usual Sunday traffic. I hear lots of jokes from bicyclers by like, "It's the order of the purple rag."
3:30 PM It's just Ric and me now, and the regular park crowd (after the thousands at dawn!) I feel like Don Quixote lost in my own little fantasy world. I guess it's too hot for anyone but a fanatic. I am so curious as to what will happen at sunset.
6:30 PM There are a couple of meditators here I don't know. The banners have been stapled in such a way as to give their movement in the wind an intoxicating effect. Some Sikhs have just appeared. I imagine there will be people here to enjoy this sunset. As pujaris we are also clowns doing our service, as inept as it is, until the beautiful people arrive.
Another way of looking at this is that the people are unruly students who know they're not supposed to talk but just can't help it because they love each other too much. The two meditators were actually folks catching a snooze before "things began."
The Sun is starting to set. The pinata hasn't been broken at the birthday party which dominates the sonic environment.

I Ching: Hidden Dragon. Do not act.

Aspect Times:

Sun * Trine * Uranus * 12:24 AM
Sun * Square * Moon * 3:26 AM
Moon * Square * Mars * 9:21 AM

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