Day 2 : August 17
Separation of the Wheat from the Chaff

Instructions: At dawn (and in anticipation of dawn) begin playing in response to other sounds as the birds begin singing. Allow plenty of silence. There should be more silence than sound.

Astrological Associations: "The number Two or the second stage of a sequence reveals the basic dualism of manifested life. Thus the challenge made during the Purification stage must be confronted here. Individuals must make a critical decision between living life as a spiritual quest or living life as merely an opportunity to satisfy physical appetites. As the structure of the physical world undergoes radical changes, individuals who do not have a firm contact with sources of spiritual direction will experience extreme trauma.

"The Moon on August 17th transits into Gemini (Air) and brings a breath of fresh air, so to speak, making possible a more rational perspective on the situation along with improved communication and relationships. The Moon's approaching Opposition with Saturn and Yod with Neptune/Pluto is indicative of growing fear and insecurity resulting from conditions connected with home, family, psychological roots."


Sun: A Large Camel Crossing a Vast Desert.
Mercury: A Carrier Pigeon Fulfilling Its Mission.

T'ai Hsuan Ching:


AM: Entering into the perfect world.

11:00 AM I woke up to people already assembling, grabbed my horn, and started playing with many folks playing recorder. There's still just a few sleepy people around. We've had lots of press. My electronics are set up and I can now play effortlessly. The environment is doing so much with them already.


PM: The ancient trees live eternally and upright,By being swathed in their places where they are at fault.

12:00 PM I played while the hot wind blew gnats across my body. The "medicine wheel" is what it is and I heard the voices of the gnat spirit teaching such a sad song about the lost people. The wheel burned on the Earth and we silly pujaris watched and tried to explain it to people. We have lost the vision of ourselves as part of the food chain. I offered the moisture from my body to the gnat spirit; my blood to the fire ants. The wheel pushed me away and then allowed me to move in closer. Total relief set in when the brothers came.

I Ching:

Dragon appearing in the field.
It furthers on to see the great man.

Aspect Times:

Venus * Trine * Uranus * 1:36 PM
Moon * Opposite * Jupiter * 9:28 PM

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