In the bosom there is sorrow and joy;
Eternity loses the good and bad omens.

Dad called. Mama is feeling pretty bad after the operation. Dad was pretty frazzled and wanted me to call the whole thing off. I have all of this on tape. I have so much that I have to do. It is so strange how things work out. I need to find someone to watch Rachel on Sunday. I'm going to eat breakfast with Ric right now. I need to keep checking on my folks. What a drag!

A Novena for Quetzalcoatl

The banners, which were designed and constructed by Tre Roberts and Ann Harkness, indicate the position of the planets in reference to dawn of each day of the nine-day period. These positions represent bases from which participants may center their activities. A person may choose an area which is marked by the planet which rules their horoscope. A persons ruling planet is most likely to be the planet that rules their sun sign or ascendant. The sun sign is the sign the sun was in at birth. The signs of the Zodiac and their corresponding ruling planets are as follows:
Sun Signs * Ruling Planets * Birthdays
Aries * Mars * 3/20 - 4/21
Taurus * Venus * 4/21 - 5/22
Gemini * Mercury * 5/22 - 6/22
Cancer * Moon * 6/22 - 7/23
Leo * Sun * 7/23 - 8/24
Virgo * Mercury * 8/24 - 9/23
Libra * Venus * 9/23 - 10/24
Scorpio * Pluto (or) Mars * 10/24 - 11/23
Sagittarius * Jupiter * 11/23 - 12/22
Capricorn * Saturn * 12/22 - 1/20
Aquarius * Uranus (or) Saturn * 1/20 - 2/19
Pisces * Neptune * 2/20 - 3/20

One may gravitate to one's proper place because of a natural affinity for it. That place may not be marked by one's ruling planet, therefore the aforementioned system should be discarded in the case of such strong intuitive feelings. One may also choose the play the role of a planet based on one's own self-typecasting. The result should nevertheless be a harmonic convergence of our personalities as our bodies change their relationships to each other reflecting the movement of the planets.

One may choose to do whatever seems appropriate within the context of the handout during the nine days. All activities outside of that context may occur outside of the performing circle. One may see the activities inside the circle as "right-brained" while "left-brained" activities will naturally occur all around it. Of course, all activities are restricted by the laws and rule of the City of Dallas and the Bath House Cultural center. Any disturbances of the grounds (for making sculptures, etc.) must be done with the permission of the Bath House Director, Doug Parker (328-8428).

The Bath House hours are: Sunday - closed all day; Monday/Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM; Wednesday - Saturday - 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM.

One may use the Center's restrooms and water facilities during these hours. There are also places to get refreshments at Northcliff and Buckner and restaurants at Garland Road and Buckner. Fasting is optional but bring your own water. Some blessed angels of mercy may bring us food which may be eaten as part of the performance.

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