In the South East, shooting forth:
The She-rhinoceros.
In the North West, an arrow.

The Tower

You have opened your new eyes
And can see ahead into your new life.
With bright vision the past dies,
Yet you are not free from all strife.
Through striving comes strength
That will serve you every day
And I pray for your life's great length
That you may grow stronger in every way.
Today, you are a tower
Tall, mighty and sleek.
Your bricks are your will's power
That climbs the lofty heights you seek.
No one can shake that fortress
Or slow its determined climb
For by your will your needs will be addressed
And you will fulfill them all yourself in time.
Let me be your ally.
I'll give you all that I own
To aid your worthy fight against all lies
And see yourself as you really are.
Great Tower, you are not alone.

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