(439-441) Art and Pluralism 439

Roped up;
Later, therefore, they can fly.

In this new age of integration, art should not be delegated only to the specialists but should be created and shared by all. In this way, a group consciousness can develop and problems would not merely be addressed by artists for the public's awareness, but the people's collective vision will burn ahead to a brighter future. It is time for this kind of idealism. Modern cynicism must die so that the mental-ratonal can resolve to the integral.


Roped up; almost
Hidden; do not step high.

No one needs to be the "maestro" anymore. Everyone's vision should be respected even if it seems a little "obscene" to others.


The neck is lengthened by arrow and string;
Tied, the ends of the marking cords.

When religious people come to my house to convert me, I think that they are trying to convert a greater fanatic than they are. Chances are, I have explored their teaching pretty thoroughly already and have integrated it into my own belief systems. I am never stopping. My beliefs are open to change and improvement. I want to be so good. I always have and believe that any artist who has sacrificed their material gain for the sake of creating art for others has chosen a path of the heart with the spirit of true service for others. Amen.

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