(437) Paranoia Dream 437

Flogging a horse;
Tyranny and cruelty at the door;
It is better to escape.

Dream - My family and friends lived in a city that had tight security to a horrible extent. People were shot on sight just for being different. The police were told by authorities to keep the lights flashing on their cars at all times. They were posted on every other block and and stood ready to fire. A beautiful woman was their leader. I had the frightening task of walking the streets late at night in order to get to a meeting with the Lacerta guys. I had to quietly (but not suspiciously) thread myself through all of the police. The streets were nearly deserted. I was afraid of being shot just for being out.

We discussed how to word our publicity at the meeting. Kim wanted to write it. I had written it before and, though Kim was very complimentary about it, he wanted to try his hand. David had a lot of opinions about what should and shouldn't be written. Etiquette prevented him from saying anything negative about my writing.

See the birds, kicking in the thicket;
Entering into the abyss, attacking.

While we artists are "exploding time" and "distorting space" it is easy for us to get defensive. When our rights are threatened the Mockingbird in me instinctively makes me want to test the threat and do some variation on what the controversy is all about. When congress passed another law against flag burning, I burned a television with a digitized flag playing on it. Helms has inspired some nude performances by me. All of these pieces formed part of the continuing unfolding process coming from inside myself but I also felt a moral duty to fight against obvious oppression.

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