(43-44) Get Well Soon 43-44

Poverty is not poverty,
Someone plans relief.

Get Well Soon

Please be my child today
Since you are not feeling well.
No one shall make demands on you in any way.
Only pleasant words will I tell.

You are as sweet and innocent as you were new born
And my feelings for you make me cry
Knowing how from my arms you have been torn
While not understanding why.

Soon you will be with me wounded and bruised.
Let my presence be your healing cream
And be certain my love you will not lose
Although we may not yet share the same dreams.

Let me make love to your hurts
That challenge me to be most tender and kind.
I'll drive away my mere emotional hurts
From the farthest reaches of my mind.

Let me share all your pain
Just as we have shared all of our pleasure,
For then a deeper love we both shall gain
That will continue to grow beyond measure.

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