(45) Sweet Sleep 45

Quiet rains;
The Valleys begin to shoot.
Humility is quietude.

Sweet Sleep

While I held you naked in my arms, you drifted away in sleep,
I caught just a glimpse of the little girl you once were, and still are,
And I cried for that innocence that we all must keep.
My Dear, how I love the way you trust me, so your trust I will never betray.
May I be your child sometimes and rest nestled in your warmth,
So that we may both rest together as in our very first day?
Soon we will enjoy a whole night of sleepy caressing.
How I long for the drool of your sweet sleep on my shoulder.
We mating lizards will then become more like quiet roots entwining
And our breathing will be the sighing of the wind in our boughs
And our dreams will fly like birds to the heavens,
Where time ranges eternal, infinitely more broad than our little nows.

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