(32-33) Holy Fucking 32-33

HSIEN [Shou 3] means 'slowly';
HSIEN [Shou 4] means 'a barrier'.
Uprooting my villainy and evil;
Stone may grind stone.

Brother Euphonius sometimes returns in my poems to help deal with the guilt that one may feel:

Holy Fucking:
A commentary on the Madonna/Whore issue
by Brother Euphonius

Great lights beam from dark caresses
Resurrecting lovers departed.
For many weeks we celebrate our reunion
And pray that we may never again be parted.

True recognition has destroyed all doubt
(Everyone can see it in our eyes)
And tender kisses, when we're about,
Continue to renew our ancient ties.

Why did it take so much time
For us to find our true love?
Why were we joined with others who hurt us
In marriages not blessed from above?

My love, my life, you have been my wife
E'er since time's beginning.
Our love is blessed and it is no less
Than divine protection against sinning.

For as long as we love sincerely and faithfully,
Fully, unconditionally, and deep.
We can be just as nasty as we want to be
Alone together, and our virtue we'll keep.

Then nastiness becomes cleanliness, most chaste and austere
Even when we're fucking, with me on your rear,
Or I'm ejaculating semen into your ear,
God's wrath we need never fear.

Our love was His gift to us long ago
So that we might experience His world together and know
All mysteries, both spiritual and physical, of Heaven and Hell,
So we must make love often to know them all well.

Our love transcends the laws of mere mortal men
And all social conventions,
For we always act right by a divine inner light
Made strong by true love's affections.

Since, while we abide with me deep inside
We are devoutly learning God's lessons,
The more pleasure we give to each other and live
By our love, the more we'll get of God's blessin's.

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