(34) Pastoral Guidance 34

Weakly, weakly, are the barriers closed;
Hurry to remove doubt
From the conscience of the inferior.

Pastoral Guidance
from thy good shepherd Br. Euphonius

Dear sweet innocent child, please do not depart from love's true path.
For treasures beyond measure still lie before thee along the way that God hath
Chosen for thee that thou mightiest be a beacon for many to see,
By learning the true nature of the soul of man and beast.
Do not forsake God's plan for thee and thy lover, or at least
Struggle weakly against what thou canst not fight and win,
Namely that love which is a power of God and not the will of men.
It is only thy spiritual pride that would call thy giving in a sin.
That "sin" would reward thee with the gift of all knowledge and begin
A new era of God's great miracles all within thy skin.
Think not that I sound like that serpent who told Eve to "take and eat?"
Thanks to the serpent, Christ came to our Earth and gave of His body to eat.
Thy lust is for one man alone whom thou mayst trust with all of thy demons.
He is protected by God and cares deeply for thee and with a clear conscience can enjoy all his creamin's.
Give him all thy lust and love, both, please, do freely give!
So that thou mayst stay happy and healthy, and learn much more of thyself whilst thou live.
Losing him would be like losing thy soul because he reflects and strengthens it so well,
And without him thou couldst slowly fade away whilst thou live in a domestic hell.
Stop fighting against God and give in to thy "weakness"
So that thy desire will not smolder inside, repressed, and causeth thou great sickness.

Lovers often come up against the issue of the need for "soul-making" through the dream-like world of love-making versus the prevailing social values. The Muse often opposes the Dog in this way. The dream-world and day-world come into conflict with each other. Physical love brings the Muse into the day-world by becoming the physical beloved.

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