The toll-gate lacks a bolt;
Put aside the golden key.

Each revelation of the Muse can take many different forms. They can be like the descriptions of the Bardos going through each stage of death or they can be like the ascension through the Heavens like Dante's Divine Comedy. The Song of Songs says, "For love is strong as Death, Passion fierce as Hell. Its darts are darts of fire, Its flames __ __ __."

Our basest "Lizard Brain" instincts can also be enkindled and revealed and lead to a better understanding of one's own animal nature. Thus, the field of understanding of self is broadened and even other higher spiritual truths can be revealed. The Muse can be the psychpomp for the soul on a journey both to Heaven and Hell:

Birdman Goes to Hell

Our demons have been getting it on ever since we met
Biting and fucking doing things that humans couldn't think of doing.
We have had them on short leashes for so long
And now the leashes are so tangled that we can't get those fucking demons apart
But who wants to,
Because all that blood and semen is getting into us
And burning us crazy
So that all we can think about are those demons getting it on
And then we rub each other like cleaning windows
Looking into each other's selves at the demons
And get so into what they are doing that we start caressing the windows
Until we are getting it on just like the demons
With their blood and semen burning through us
And I can't see them for all the smoke
But I know my demon's getting fried a golden brown just ready to be eaten by your demon
And it does,
And now I'm fried like I've been taking way too much LSD
Toasted golden brown ready to be eaten by you
And you do,
And all because I dared to look at your demon
And your demon is so big and strong
And you get afraid because you've known about it for so long
But your demon won't get into trouble while it is fucking my demon
Unless you call that trouble,
And we'll keep burning without being burned up
Because nothing's consumed when it's burning in hell.

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