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Dried foods for travelling:
Those are not my qualities.

for any number of musicians


Give up everything, we were on the wrong track.
Begin with yourself:
you are a musician.
You can transform all the vibrations of the world into sounds.
If you firmly believe this and from now on never doubt it,
begin with the simplest exercises.
Become quite still, until you no longer think, want, feel anything
Sense your soul, a little below your chest.
Let its radiance slowly permeate your whole body
both upwards and downwards at the same time.
Open your head on top in the center,
a little towards the back,
and let the current slowly fill you from head to foot
and continue flowing.
Quietly take your instrument and play, at first single sounds.
Let the current flow through the whole instrument.
Whatever you want to play, even written
music of any sort, begin only
when you have done what I have recommended.
You will then experience everything on your own.
Before you play, you may let your thoughts
run free, you may train the muscles
of your fingers, of your larynx, etc.
But now you know what you think and train for,
and even the thinking and training
will be completely new, completely different from before.
Nothing is as it used to be.
As long as you retain this consciousness,
everything you do will be right and good.

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