Active flux.
Great sufficiency on the outside;
Modicum of Yin:
A little accumulation on the inside.
A little accumulation: do not lend on interest.
Advantage in using a peaceful man
Remaining in the State.

Stockhausen indicates that the goal of the performance is to find a way into another state which will then have lasting effects. Aus den Sieben Tagen seems to be designed as an initiation in which every participant is permanently transformed. When one begins to discuss issues concerning "altered states" of consciousness one then comes up against the issues of using drugs.

So far, you have read some accounts which mention something about my "getting high" once during both the Oshkosh Novena and Aus den Sieben Tagen. Those occurrences are not really significant in their respective contexts. It only indicates that drug use does occur among my art community which can also imply a common basis of experience and goals for experience. In other words, many of us have used stronger hallucinogens while seeking new experiences for a variety of reasons, most often spiritual. My personal experiences with LSD, for example, have helped me question the reality that seems to be imposed by others to form some sense of common beliefs. The greatest change for me was in the realization, through experience, of the fragility of what seemed to be a shared reality. The drug experiences have been dramatic, but seem more temporary because the return to normal consciousness has been almost as dramatic. A trance that has been caused by ritual/performance is usually more subtle but the effects seem to stay with the participant longer. I go about the rest of my normal activities with an awareness of other realities (metaphorical, spiritual, astral, psychological, anagogical; you label them the way you like) occurring simultaneously with my normal waking consciousness. The drug experience probably seems much more dramatic because a "normal waking consciousness" does not seem to be functioning properly.

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