In obscurity advancing;
There is no action:
Yielding to the Mother.

Dear Mama,

I brought you a little present. It's supposed to look a little bit like a tiny bit of you, the way that tiny bit might have looked millions of years ago before we started messing around with your outermost parts. The only reason why I know what you might have looked like then is there was a good chance my folks could find some flammable parts of your children's bodies (our ancestors) there that they could sell. That money will probably be a big help to my daughter and me in the future. They found the stuff by poking some long hole in your skin. I hope it didn't hurt much. I included in my gift some parts of my own body (parts I don't need) as a kind of down payment for all I've taken from you. The rest of my body will be forthcoming, though even then I'll still be greatly in your debt. I probably used more resources than my body's worth in energy just bringing this to you. Most of my present is made out of you. So, although it must seem so small and worthless, I did spend a lot of my time (relatively speaking) making it for you. I hope you accept it as a token of my love and appreciation for all that you have done for me. I hope that, like a kind mother, you can forgive my negligence as far as you're concerned. My good fortune has always seemed to come when someone robs the graves of your children and my ancestors. I hope that that isn't abominable to you and that you forgive me for it. At least I was able to witness, where I put your sculpture, that our wealth was gotten with relatively little damage to you or the life on you. In the future, I hope to use less energy and get it in a way that is not harmful to you at all. However, I know that my being alive at all will cause countless changes to your skin. You used to be large enough to handle all of us doing this, but now there's just too many of us and we think we need more from you than ever before. That's the terrible problem that may be resolved only through most of us dying from famine, war, etc. when you'll no longer be able to sustain our growing appetites. We might be able to delay some of this happening by trying to lean on Dad (the sun) a little more for our energy. But, you'll always be the most important for making our food. All of us need to appreciate you more. I do appreciate you. I only wish I had a more meaningful way to show you. Please accept my humble offering. Thanks. I love you.



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