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T'is the season of the Lion; Spring:

"Parrots. Cuckoos, and Shari birds flutter about Vasanta, Lord of the Spring, who dances in the garden of Love surrounded by lovely women. His image never leaves my heart."

Raga-sagara 3, 171

The Lion is the spiritual lover of the Muse. He is also the only one capable of loving her at her own depth. Who could love and understand the Muse better than Krishna Himself? Devotees of Lord Krishna assert that he is the "plenipotentiary" and the Supreme Brahman; the Purusa who is the personality of the Unmanifested Brahman. Krishna can be all these for me as well. Yet, He is also a powerful member of the quartet of allies. These days I am inclined to use the idea of the Birdman to encompass them all so that Krishna can enjoy his pastimes within my consciousness with the Dog, Mockingbird, and especially the Lizard/Muse. Krishna still carries with him all the depth and beauty of the Hindu religion.

1 Danilou, Alaine. Ragas of Northern Indian Classical Music; Munshiram; 1981.

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