Things emerge from the mass,
The mass opens clearly,
Yet there are thorns.

It would be so easy to do another Novena in Oshkosh, Nebraska, where I was born, next year. I've got plenty of time to think about it. There's a state park close to Oshkosh. And, I could do another very personal and private piece in Frankfort, Kentucky. There's a large genealogy library there where I can trace my family roots. I should get these personal Novenas done first in order to tool up for bigger things!

I/Mama Price was pronounced dead prematurely by some well dressed attractive middle-aged women who were the administrators of the hospital. They tried to kill me/her to cover up their mistake. I/She made a harrowing escape using tremendous athletic skill.

A "feeling" for the time involved in organic evolution, coupled with hints given by some of the sediments, increments of growth in the hard parts of animals (such as bone or shell), growth rings in trees, and so forth, enable scientists to construct a geologic time scale before any method of absolute dating of long periods of geologic time was available.1

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