The active forces stretch out;
Indeed, advancing.

Things emerge from the mass;
The mass opens clearly,
Yet there are thorns.

Really all I've been doing is my weekend vegetation decadence watching T.V., taking naps, reading my journal, Music and the Western World, and Mother Earth News. I've been dreaming of future Novenas and homeland utopias.

I was showing a movie with both Fred Astair and Gene Kelly in it to a film class. Lon and Sioban were there. It was being shown on a big screen upstairs in front of an escalator around which tables and chairs were placed and downstairs where lots of video monitors were set in from of tables. There was a stove built into the escalator and I was hungry, so I tried to fix myself a grilled-cheese sandwich while keeping everyone's wine glasses full. I ended up fixing several other hungry people sandwiches before I got mine. I had a full wine glass set in front of one of the monitors downstairs where I eventually sat down and ate.

Our society demands that more and more materials be extracted from the earth. Metallurgical, mining, and engineering techniques have thus far been able to fulfill these needs. We have not yet completely run out of any useful product, but, on the other hand, the usage of metals is increasing exponentially even faster than is the world's population.1

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