The ritual is still on though chance has caused it to seem so mundane. There is really no difference between sacred and profane. This is a collaborative piece between Rachel, myself, and the car.

I became involved with three discreet witches. One seemed to be more powerful than the other two. Every time I would visit their house, it would look completely different. Once I went home with the powerful one and her room had been gutted and barricaded. It was a sign that they were splitting up. The witch I was with mumbled something about the fate of each of them. One of them would do something, the other would join the "can-can set," and she would become "Abajo de Tejas."

One alternative, often overlooked, is the voluntary reduction of our own consumption of minerals. By lowering our standard of living, we would give people in the developing countries an opportunity to increase their standard of living to a level approaching ours. Concurrently, this would extend the lifetime of our reserves, and might even give us the additional time necessary to find and develop new reserves.1

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