I'm exhausted! I've caught up on things that get away when one is gone. I fixed the fan on the car. It was an unusual part that even the dealers didn't have. I had to work on it in the rain and was determined not to take the radiator off. I put away all the things from the trip. I want to digitize tomorrow but Lee is out of town for the week. I'll write more later. I'm too tired now.

Steve drove up in an old gray Mercedes that had been converted into a very nice pick-up. He was going to use it in a 3300 project along with a very large Barbie doll that had very large breasts that were flattened like she was supposed to be be laying on her back. He said that he couldn't afford the car any more since I bought it from him and adapted it for my purposes while he visited and studied with an attractive classmate who lived across the street from where he was parked.

Recycling is being done on a significant scale where it is possible with present technology and economics, though it is beset with problems. More standardization of alloys for particular uses would help solve some of the problems with recycling.1

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