Shake off such ugliness;
Compliance is in cleanliness.

Home! At last! We left at sundown. A part came off the car and knocked off four fan blades. I drove with intense concentration. The car never over-heated but groaned a lot due to the fan being so off balance. I came home to find my first issue of Mother Earth News in the mailbox. I made all the necessary phone calls letting everyone know that we got home safely and then took a very very long bath. I will now snuggle up to sleeping Rachel and read Mother Earth.

I was heading out of town after picking up Rachel, some other kids and parents up from a fancy school for children. We saw great snow-capped mountains on the horizon that were almost terrifying. I mentioned, in my own amazement, that I had never noticed them before.

Earthquakes and volcanoes are an integral part of our environment. They are widespread and affect heavily populated areas. They have done much harm in the past, killing perhaps one million persons. As populations grow and spread, these natural phenomena will become potentially even more destructive.1

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