Shake off such ugliness;
Compliance is in cleanliness.

I got the car going after the sun came up. We hiked on the Outlaw Hiking Trail. It was very pretty and pretty short since most of the trail was washed out. I was worried about the car so we started for home, but it started running so well that I decided to take a detour at Durant for Lake Texoma. That's where I am right now. It's such a beautiful day and I've taken Rachel on the nature trail twice and a few times on the bicycle around the park.

I visited a house in which Taylor, her father, Val (though I didn't see her), and Nikhil Pandya lived. It was sort of an open-air tree-house with lots of suspension bridges. I felt awkward because Val's husband made me feel like I couldn't do anything right.

As a stream carves out an increasingly broad path, a flood plain forms. Most of the time the stream flows within its channel. When there is very high runoff, however, the discharge may be more than the channel can accommodate, and the stream overflows its banks onto the flood plain.1

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