No calamity, calamity in waiting,
Heaven will unite us.

I'm not waiting anymore. I'm here. Rachel and I flew a kite and now she's resting in the back of the car. The sculpture is wrapped in clothes on the picnic table. This part of Oklahoma has been having terrible flooding. Some roads were blocked. This campsite is not what I would call rustic camping. Rachel wants to go for a walk with me carrying her in the backpack.

I was at church summer camp. I was high school age but as experienced as I am now. It was pretty regimented there. We had tests and grades plus the teachers seemed to be uptight because, for the first time, they were trying to run two summer camps at the same time. I didn't attend the test like everyone else. I got involved in a big conversation with Robert Young who was in school there also but was sent to his room for acting smart-alecky. I quickly filled out my test in an area where the class had just been moved.

With so many variables influencing stream flow, it is evident that runoff is highly variable across time and place. Therefore the analysis of runoff is quite complex. However, knowledge of runoff is important, since it aids in our understanding of and planning for adequate water supplies, flood control, and soil conservation.1

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