Yang skips in the abyss,
In the marshes, in the fields,
On the mountain peaks,
Things stand on tiptoe,
On the points of their feet.

The man who does not attach;
Himself will draw compliance.

We had such a busy day! Rachel and I did the 5 mile Indian Ridge trail and saw the Indian graveyard. The trail was nice but the graveyard was pretty anti-climactic. In fact, we had driven up on it when we were looking for the trail head. There's a great view from it but the site itself was covered with picnic tables.

My brother, Lon, decided to go to business school to get the skills he needs to sell seismic data. The map with the locations of the schools looked like contour maps.

The record of the earth lies in its rocks and in the fossils contained in them. Almost nothing is known of the first 4 billion years, because rocks of those times have been variously remelted, metamorphosed, eroded, or buried beyond our reach. It is also significant to note that these rocks contain virtually no fossils. The presence of fossils in rocks greatly assists attempts to reconstruct the past, since the abundance and kinds of life give clues about past environments.1

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